Alternative Activities in Durban

durbanWith its hot summer, warm winters and golden beaches decorating the lad, there is no doubt that Durban is rightly crowned as a popular destination for leisure. It is a very vibrant city where you can experience an interesting blend of cultures, including Asian, European and African, clearly reflected in a wonderful mosaic of architectural styles, while serving as a melting pot of different traditions, as well as delectable cuisines that can match the dream of any holiday maker.

Things to Enjoy in Durban

Durban can be reached in less than an hour from Johannesburg. This strategic location within the eastern seaboard makes it the only destination in South Africa to offer subtropical summers and warm winters. Here you can enjoy a lot of things to enjoy. For example, you can enjoy seeing the Umhlanga Rocks in its northern territory, Aliwal Shoal to its south, which is also considered as among the best sites for diving in the world, as well as the Majestic Valley of a Thousand Hills to its West.

This amazing location of Durban has something to do with its origin. The place was built originally surrounding a natural harbor, which was considered one of the finest in all of Africa at that time. There you can see several docked yachts, as well as a pleasure craft, where it served as a temporary stop for some cruise liners. It also served as the busiest port in the southern hemispheres. As such, it is where a lot of restaurants and pubs are built in an amazing waterfront setting.

durban 2If you are into beaches, you will be delighted to know that Amanzimtoti is home to beach stretches that is filled with rock pools and dunes. It is also a good place for you to enjoy fishing, if you are into it. This is where you will certainly enjoy a lot, especially if you are looking for recreation and sport adventure. This is because Durban is naturally blessed and filled with vegetation, as well as subtropical climate with at least 320 days every year, with an average of 25 Celsius temperature at wintertime.

Aside from all of these offers, a latest addition to the beachfront’s water family of Durban. This is the uShake Marine World. It serves as home to an underwater aquarium, different water activities to enjoy, a restaurant that is built on a sunken shipwreck, as well as a shopping arcade filled with several dozens of interesting specialty shops.

Alternative Activities

If you are not into the standard things that common tourists do, you will be delighted to know that Durban also caters to these types of activities. For example, you can play baseball here, as this sport is highly played and respected in the city. You can choose to play with the locals and learn some tricks of the game.

fishingAnother adventurous activity that you can enjoy is fishing. As mentioned earlier, Durban is home to ports where you can also hire some boats for fishing. Whether you want to enjoy open sea fishing, or one that is beginners, you are sure that you have options for you. The locals can also teach you some skills in fishing, and enjoy the sport along the way.

If you are into hunting, the fields and jungles of Durban is a good spot to enjoy the sport. There are certain locations where hunting is allowed. Archery is another option, especially if you are into this sport. There are several archery ranges scattered all over Durban.

Indeed, Durban is a very active city that offers a perfect climate and venue for different types of sports and alternative activities, including international surfing events, beach festivals, music concerts, as well as several other beach sports. Within the city itself, you can enjoy these amazing alternative activities as there are a lot of precincts which incorporate football and rugby stadia, cycling track, Olympic swimming pools, archery range, as well as a recently opened A1 Grand prix street track.

This means that on your next visit to Durban, you will never go out of things to do, experiences to enjoy, and places to visit. Whether you are into active sports, or alternative activities, Durban has it all!