Fishing Alternatives in Durban


Durban, as a city, is known as the third largest in all of South Africa. Aside from this reputation, it is also known as one with the busiest port. Being as accessible as it is, it has currently emerged into a very famous tourist spot. One of the most favorite attractions in the area is the beaches, and of course, the sea, in general.

For this reason, fishing has become a loved activity in Durban. A lot of people visit the city just to enjoy fishing in the open sea. If you are into fishing, you will certainly find Durban as a very interesting location where you can enjoy this activity.

Things to Remember

fishing in durban.If you are planning a fishing adventure right in Durban, there are some things that you have to take into consideration. One of them is preparing all the equipment that you need. One of the tools that you need to bring with you is a fishfinder. These fish finders are also referred to as sounders.

They are specially designed to find the location of fish, sending out energy pulses while presenting features underwater through reflecting sound and energy pulses. These devices also utilize sonar technology. The gathered measurements are presented using a graphical display, telling fishermen what is happening in places they cannot see.

fishfinderThese fish finders are portable and compact and are very useful to both amateur and expert anglers. There are different varieties of fish finders, mostly depending on screen size and resolution, and the maximum effective depth. This only means that regardless of your needs, you can find a fishfinder that is fit for you.

These days, there are a lot of options that you can select from. As a matter of fact, there are those fishfinders that are specially designed for use in lakes, or, in the case of Durban, bigger bodies of water. Other models work best in either freshwater or saltwater, while others work best in only one of them. For example, if you prefer open seas, you can use a fishfinder that is optimized and designed for swirling currents, as well as areas that are challenging.

The best fish finder options available out there does not just serve as devices with several purposes. They have also been designed to be user-friendly, and are known to facilitate with streamlined operations. Locating fish has never been enjoyable and easier using the most advanced options on fishfinders. Even those that are considered as entry level are also equipped with several features that are loved by advanced fishermen.

Fishing Alternatives

Let’s say that you do not like to fish, and you prefer other options for fishing alternatives. The good news is that Durban is a place that offers a lot of things. If you are interested with Casino, you can visit Sun Coast Casino. It is home to 50 game tables, with 1200 slot machines. There you can enjoy some private gaming rooms, good food, as well as other bar services.

If you want something interesting, you can also enjoy a rickshaw ride along the Beachfront of Durban. These rickshaws are known for their colorful headdresses and accessories, mostly filled with beads as well as other decorations. This is one of the best way for you to get around the city, and enjoy the fresh air around. It makes you feel like a Zulu ruler during your ride, and it is also a good way to witness the Golden Mile, that is, 6 kilometers of the beachfront in Durban.

durban 2

If shopping is your interest, a stroll around the Victoria Street Market would be an exciting experience for you. There you can see some brassware and basketwork, with timber articles, as well as fruit, fish, vegetables and meat. Most of the attractions include unusual spices that are imported coming from India. You can also shop for custom artwork and handcrafts at the market right at the beachfront. The market also specializes in the best handmade custom beadwork basketry and goods for sale at amazing prices.

Bottom line is that, Durban is an amazing city for everybody. There is something that you can do here for sure. Whether fishing is your focus, or other alternatives, you can expect to enjoy your experience here!