Tennis in Durban / Courts / Where to Buy Tennis Equipment

tennisDurban is an amazing place if you are into tennis. After all, the city is home to several tennis courts where you can enjoy a match with other players. In order to maximize the experience even better, making sure that you have the best tennis equipment at hand is very important.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to get just any equipment just because they appeal to your eyes, or just need them right away. If you are planning to play tennis as a pro, you need to make sure that they are the best tennis racquets for you, especially when talking about characteristics and dimensions. What are some of the tennis equipment that you need to have? And where can you buy them?


 racketRackets are generally made out of man-made, lightweight materials, including graphite and aluminum. If you are a beginner, bigger rackets are recommended. With this, you can also have a bigger sweet spot area. This is usually the stringed area that is located in the middle part of the racket, and the spot where the ball can give the best hit. Those who love playing from the baseline may find rackets with bigger head as better option. On the other hand, intermediate to advanced players may find mid-sized rackets perfect.


Tennis balls may vary according to speed. Beginners may want to have an oversized tennis ball. On the other hand, if you need to use tennis balls for machines, you may want to choose the cheaper ones, as they are those that generally bounce lower.


Selecting the best sportswear for playing tennis is also very important. For men, short sleeved shirts and shorts are enough. Women, however, generally have more options. A combination of a white tee and skirt, or a dress can be the options for women. One thing is sure, it is very important to select clothing that is loose, as it can offer you the best comfort needed for ease of movement while playing. Usually, tennis players wear white. The reason behind this is that white can deflect heat as compared to other colors that are darker. This can help in keeping your body cool as you play. Choosing the right clothing also involves choosing the right socks because this is also important in protecting your feet.


The good thing about shoes for tennis is that there are designs that are particularly created for players of tennis. These sneakers are generally called tennis shoes. They typically allows side-to-side sliding. For your comfort, you can choose to get sneakers that come with a herringbone tread style. They have been proven to give better traction compared to a standard sneaker. This side support is highly important particularly for hitting shots while running, keeping your feet stable. For extra support on your ankles, mid-cut shoes are also good options.

Where to Buy Them

equipmentTennis is a very popular sport. This means that you can find good sources where you can find the equipment that you would need. You can either visit an actual sports store, where you can actually touch and feel the items. Another option, one that is more convenient is visiting online stores where you can get a wide array of products that you would need for your tennis needs.

If you purchase tennis equipment online, there are some things that you need to pay careful attention of. For example, you need to buy from a reliable online store. There are a lot of stores that offer ‘imitations’, which may end up with lower quality, as compared to originals. Make sure that you avoid being lured by discounts due to bulk items, or purchasing second hand items. While they may also be a good option, provided that you select carefully, they may end up with lower quality.

There are also several sport equipment stores in Durban. After all, it is home to some of the internationally renowned brand of stores, which means that you can still get the best tennis equipment while in the city. As an alternative option, you can take advantage of online shops where you can have control over your purchase.